Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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How do I reach an orgasm?

These are a couple of questions that I have been getting asked more and more, so I thought why […]

Mens Health

How Erection Oils Work

New transdermal technologies have made it possible to encapsulate active, herbal ingredients into an oil that you can apply […]

Review of VigRX Delay Spray

Psst…wanna hear how to make sex even more amazing? Nope, no cocaine or anything illegal involved (phew!). It’s just […]

Penis Too Small…

Penis enlargement is the second most demanded option of male sexual enhancement after impotence treatment. You can find hundreds […]

Legend behind semen

While Christianity had traditionally frowned upon public references to sex and upon any attempts to treasure what it still […]

Top 3 For The Ladies

3 Ridiculous tricks to make him ache with pure love for you

Step 1 – Trigger a sense of positive discomfort in his mind. You must be thinking – Wait a minute! How can discomfort be positive and why would I want to make a guy uncomfortable? Well, there is an age old psychological concept which states that as humans we value the very thing we have to work hard for. Men specially are genetically programmed to value the very thing which isn’t easy to attain. Now I am not saying that you should play hard to get and […]

Trigger pleasure hormones in his body

Have you ever seen a guy at a casino who just can’t stop gambling even though he keeps losing money? Why is he doing that? He logically knows that he is losing money, and can even go completely broke if he continues, yet he simply can’t stop himself. Why is this? This is because during gambling, a man’s system experiences a heavy surge of hormones commonly known as the pleasure hormones. They are so addictive that a person forgets all logic and keeps going in the direction […]

2 Weird ways to make him feel impulsive love for you

Step 1 – Become emotionally in-tune with him. If you ever want a man to feel a deep intense, almost addictive love for you, then you need to become emotionally in-tune with him. What do I mean when I say emotionally in-tune? I basically mean that you have to connect with the emotional part of his mind rather than the logical part. Most women don’t get this; in fact, most women dress sexy, cook great meals and try to logically convince a man to like them. But […]

Help For The Guys

Buy Viagra Online

Viagra is used to combat erectile dysfunction (impotence). It is a medication that requires a prescription issued by a certified doctor. You can get this prescription and buy Viagra online by completing a medical questionnaire assessed by our partner doctor. Our confidential service allows you […]

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You And Your Cholesterol

Are you aware that nearly 107 million Americans have total cholesterol of 200 mg/dL or higher, a level at […]

Why Muscles Get Sore

Such pain can grip so fiercely that they are sure it begins deep in their bones. But the real […]

Why Mind Over Matter Matters

Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for good health. But, don’t forget another component to a healthy body […]

Why Is Love Important?

So often we spend most of our time taking care of our physical needs. We make sure our bodies […]

Why I Recommend Energy Healing

Energy Healing can change your entire life! Some of the health benefits from receiving energy healing: Creates deep relaxation […]


Why Muscles Get Sore

Such pain can grip so fiercely that they are sure it begins deep in their bones. But the real cause of stiffness and soreness lies not in the joints or bones, according to research at the Johns Hopkins Medical School, but in the muscles and […]