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Preventing Bone Disease in Healthy Aging

How it is achieved: Bone health is achieved through activities, such as exercise. In addition, you maintain healthy bones by increasing calcium. Supplements are available, which include the FDA marked remedies to help reduce bone loss from natural aging. Taking calcium is very important during our entire life. Children should drink 2 cups of milk each day and adults 3 cups. Calcium in food is better to take than pills because you get more of it, food sometimes doesn’t have the right amounts in it due to […]

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Men Can’t Stop Aging, But Aging Might Not Be The Problem

Many of the problems men associate with aging could be the result of abnormally low levels of testosterone. This article is about Men Can’t Stop Aging, But Aging Might Not Be The Problem As men age, many will find that they are exhausted during the day, the spare tire around their middle continues to grow and their interest in sex plummets. Most men attribute these symptoms to the natural, inevitable aging process. But what most men over 40 don’t know, as the latest national study shows, is […]

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Male Menopause: How Treatments Work

Menopause is what women experience when they reach a certain age where their bodies stop producing hormones. It is a point where women will no longer be able to reproduce and it is also a point where their lives will change. However, it is also a fact that males also experience this kind of condition. It has been found that men will also experience the so-called male menopause when they reach a certain age. But unlike women where they stop producing hormones instantly, men experience a decline […]

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Male Menopause: Symptoms and Treatment

The term “male menopause” is used to refer to the condition of men who have hormone levels drop after mid-life. Male menopause is a subject of controversy in the medical society. In the case of women, menopause is related with the termination of a bodily operation, like when the monthly menstruation periods stop. Also, a critical drop in the hormone levels in women occurs along with menopause. For these reasons, doctors are debating on whether male menopause really exists. In the case of men in their middle […]

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