Why Penis Patches Are Better Than Penis Pills ?

On the penis enlargement market, two kinds of product compete for the first place : penis pills and penis patches. Find out why penis patches take the first place, because of a small practical advantage.

For a couple of years, more and more men become aware of the many possibilities offered by the male enhancement market. Indeed, this niche market is expanding at a very fast pace and is now delivering high quality products to men looking for efficient penis enlargement solutions. This new market trend also implies a crucial question : which product should you choose ? Except some customers doing research before buying a new product, the vast majority of customers has no idea how the penis products work. Customers find themselves comparing things they don’t know about and they don’t understand.

For a new customer, telling the differences between penis pills and penis patches can be difficult.

Let’s now compare these two products. While it is easy to understand that patches contain the same active ingredients as pills, one has to understand that the main differences are the way substances are delivered and the formulas themselves. Concerning the effectiveness of the two products, there is nearly no differences.

But how does the human body assimilate the nutrients contained in the pills and in the patches ? For pills, once they reach the stomach and dissolve under the action of gastric acids, active ingredients pass through the liver and into the blood and start working.

Enhance your manhood - safely & discreetly
Enhance your manhood – safely & discreetly

Modern pharmaceutical technology allows men to only take one pill a day, but this also implies that the concentration of active products must be kept constant throughout the day. The patch, however, sends all its active substances directly in the blood through the skin. This allows a quick delivery of substances without the natural degradation that happens in the stomach and liver. With this method, patches have only to be changed after a few days. And that is why patches have a slight advantage over pills.

Conclusion : choosing between pills or patches is a matter of taste. Both are popular and well established penis enlargement solutions. Maybe are penis enlargement patches less known than pills because they are less marketed, but they offer a great and efficient solution to men willing a discreet penis enlargement solution without too much spending and too much constraints. It is also necessary to remind people about pills and patches ingredients. Even ingredients are carefully selected, customers have to know that products like yohimbe can cause heart problems. One thing is sure, customers have to make an informed decision and avoid spending money on inefficient or dangerous products.

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Top Semen Enhancing Products Review

When it comes to penis health and performance issues, for some men it is not just about size. They may be able to obtain a length and hardness they want without any kind of natural supplement and this is fine, but what about the volume of ejaculation?

You might be surprised to learn that many men wish they were able to produce more semen and ejaculate it with more force than they can now. And when you actually think about, you are one of those men too.

A lot of men want to be able to produce an impressive ejaculation and thanks to the science of the penis that is available to today’s researchers, solutions have been found. There are now pills which can help you avoid ‘dribbling’ and bring you up to the level of a pulsing orgasm that is going to produce much more ejaculate and expel it with far more force. Women often enjoy this aspect of their partner’s orgasm and many times they say that it helps them achieve greater orgasmic heights themselves.

If you are concerned about weak orgasms that barely leave much more than a few dozen droplets of semen, these pills could definitely be the answer.

Check out the top 2 products we have found for making your ejaculations far more impressive for both you and her.



Those that want a formula with natural ingredients that can work in harmony with the body to stimulate the natural production of semen will be glad to learn about Semenax as a viable option. This is a totally natural formula with no side effects that has been approved by doctors.

By enhancing the amount of both semen and sperm your body generates, Semenax can give a much larger amount of ejaculate which means a far more intense orgasm ejecting all that fluid from your body. In order to ejaculate that strongly, the penis is obviously going to be harder and larger to help with the flow of the fluid from the penis.

Increase in fertility and all around virility are hallmarks of Semenax since the sperm quantity and quality are enhanced prior to and during ejaculation. Through the process of larger ejaculations, the muscles inside the penis that are responsible for pulsing during orgasm get a better workout which means they stay in better shape, a crucial factor in overall penis fitness.

This leads to longer lasting sexual performance in men as they age.

With its emphasis on heart and circulation health, plus the 18 essential amino acids found within the herbal formula, Semenax is the total penis health approach for longer lasting ejaculations that greatly enhance the volume of output a penis is capable of delivering. A stronger libido is just icing on the cake.

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Volume Pills

Another competitor for the top position in semen volume increasing pills is the Volume Pills brand. This is another brand of semen enhancing pills that will increase the amount of semen and sperm produced by your body and it includes a special ingredient that is not in many other pills. That ingredient is a Chinese aphrodesiac known as Xian Mao, one of the strongest sources for natural sexual arousal found in nature that is directly usable by the male body.

With Volume Pills, the intensity and lasting experience of your orgasm is heightened greatly, but the real stunner is that these pills are promising to increase the amount you ejaculate by 500 percent.

This is a massive fertility increase and definitely tones the penis muscles at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Volume Pills Produced from 100% Natural Formulation

The male enhancement industry has been growing for years and is now choc full of products and services that guarantee results and are supposedly proven to improve your sex life. One of the main problems with a number of these products is the fact that while they may provide results, they are often filled to the brim with harmful chemicals or come with a number of potentially dangerous side effects.

Wouldn’t you prefer a male enhancement product that offered benefits and advantages but allowed you to enjoy your sexual encounters without worrying about what side effects may come about? More and more of us seem to be choosing to eat healthier, and improve our lives by exercising more, yet we continue to choke down prescription drugs and all kinds of chemicals that our bodies are not used to.

Is there really any benefit in improving your sex life if the side effects that came with a certain product are just as bad as anything you were experiencing before?

That is precisely why the makers of Volume Pills have created their product using 100% natural ingredients and ensured that there are no side effects that come about through the use of the product at all. These effective, affordable, and reliable pills use a natural combination of ingredients to exponentially increase the amount of ejaculate that you can produce and that are even known for increasing fertility in some situations.

While so many other products in the penis enhancement industry focus on increasing size, the truth is that even a massive penis can leave women unsatisfied if a man cannot produce a large amount of semen. That’s what makes the natural Volume Pills so incredibly special. They can naturally increase quality of erections, improve control of ejaculations, increase stamina and intensify the power and sensations of orgasms.

Knowing that you get all of these powerful benefits without any concern about possible side effects or harmful chemicals means that you can spend more time feeling good and pleasing your partner, and less time worrying about what you are putting into your body. By using Volume Pills daily the doctor approved blend is going to really prove to be a one size fits all supplement to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of every sexual experience.

With increased control, power, and semen you can enjoy the most intense and pleasurable orgasms of your life while also being able to ensure that your partner is as satisfied as humanly possible. Whether you want to please that special someone or simply make yourself more attractive to a whole host of possible partners, there has never been a better time to put your sex life at the forefront and benefit from a safe, proven, reliable, and affordable male enhancement product.

With absolutely no side effects to worry about, a money back guarantee, and the opportunity to truly take pleasure to the next level, what are you waiting for?

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