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Hair Loss

When you drive at night do you have to turn your head down to low beam? Yes, there are many such thoughtless jokes about baldness, in both males and females. However, loss of head hair really is a problem, which causes a great deal of worry and unhappiness, to those afflicted. This article is about bald, hair loss, alopecia, baldy, Resveratrol, propecia, 5-alfa inhibitor, DHT, Rogaine, Finasteride To all bald-headed men. When you drive at night do you have to turn your head down to low beam? […]

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Hot Tips To Prevent Hair Loss!

While Androgenetic Alopecia is the number one reason why individuals experience hair loss, it is not the only one. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, ringworm and fungal infections can cause hair loss. Certain medications such as blood thinners, gout medication, birth control pills and too much vitamin A can cause sudden or abnormal hair loss as can following a crash diet, sudden hormonal changes, chemotherapy and radiation. If you are taking prescription medications,… This article is about hair loss,hair loss remedy,rogaine,thinning hair,bald,balding,women hair,hair,women,pregnant,menapau While Androgenetic Alopecia is […]

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HOMOEOPATHY – Introduction

By this experiment hahnemann came to know that any drug which can produce a set of symptoms on a healthy humanbeing can be used to cure the similar symptoms in a diseased person.He gave cinchona to various malaria patients and the result was wonderful and a system called homoeopathy originated.The word homoeo means similar,pathy means suffering.The basic principle of homoeopathy is ‘similia similibus curantur’ means like cures cure.Hahnemann prepared some other drugs using alcohol as a vehicle and started experimenting on different age groups and noted down […]

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Homeopathic Home Remedies

The approach of the winter also means that cold and flu season will be here soon. Running to the doctor because of a cold can be expensive, so here are some remedies that my mom uses to get rid of colds that I can verify really help. This article is about health,homeopath,diet,medicine,healthy living,home remedies Growing up it seemed that no matter what was wrong with my brother and I, my mom always had something with a nasty taste or smell that would heal any cuts and scrapes […]

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