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How do I reach an orgasm?

These are a couple of questions that I have been getting asked more and more, so I thought why not address them through my articles? As much as I have written this for my ladies, men you can benefit from reading this little bit of info also!

Is it OK to fake an Orgasm?

Is there something wrong with a woman that has not experienced an orgasm?

There is nothing physically wrong with women that have not experienced the big O! They simply just have not learned how. It is very much a mental exercise as well as physical. Way back when…, we were taught that it was a bad thing to touch ourselves (masturbate). That was a big wrong turn for a lot of women.

I have read a lot of letters from women that tell me that they were in their late 20`s before they ever experienced an orgasm, one that they would consider an orgasm anyway. This is why I express over and over, ladies learn about YOUR BODY! Orgasms are very connected to ones mind when dealing with the female. If you are worried or tired or feeling a bit at odds with your partner, that door is definitely going to be locked, even nailed shut. It will take some work and patience to find the key to open up that mind trap.

Too many women spend way too much time worrying about orgasms. Worry only puts up the walls that will totally disable your mind to relax and float. Think of watching and waiting for water to boil. By the time it has boiled you have lost interest. Or when you are trying to call someone and the line is forever busy, that just frustrates you to no end.

If you would have just carried on with something else at the time, the water would have boiled before you knew it, the phone line would be cleared, and you would be frustration free! Orgasms work in very much the same way. Do not think about them. Do prepare for them, feel your body call them, desire them, fantasize, open your mind up to a total zone of passion. Pure thoughtless passion!

Some women feel that if they do not orgasm, their partner will feel that they have failed them, or vice verse. (GUILT) There is absolutely no room for guilt or shyness in the arena of sex! This is one of the reasons women FAKE the O! It does not do any real physical harm to fake most things in life. The only one that is losing out though, is you. You are fooling no one but yourself. Then you end up feeling even worse because you pretended at a time when you should be open and real.

There is also the time thing. Women are in need of more stimulation and time to relax and be able to find their zone. Men tend to think that five minutes is just super…NOT…so ladies this is where communication comes into play. You must tell your man that NO, I am not there yet. I know this sounds bossy, but most men hardly ever have a problem telling the women what to do in bed and when to not stop. Also ladies please tell your man to do like the yellow pages commercial, “Let your fingers do the walking”. Women like and need the finger play. Also ladies if your man is just down there asap…tell him to slow down. This can also throw women off when they are feeling rushed.

When you are close to your partner and feel that sex is in the air, enjoy even just the kiss at first. I mean really enjoy just the kiss. Allow your body to warm up and get your juices flowing. Or really feel his touches, and listen to your partners voice when he says your name. If he never says your name, tell him too. He will oblige immediately.

Tell him you want to hear him admire your body. A women on the norm has a hard time verbalizing what she likes. This is just because we were raised to be nice girls. Well, TALK! You will be surprised at how much more relaxed you become and excited once you can talk to your partner about touching where and how. Tell your partner to join you in that little game. A women’s body will react very nicely if you just allow the feelings of a kiss to penetrate you.

Another turn on for you ladies is to touch yourself while your partner watches. Yes, you will love it once you allow him into your world. He will not say no to that request. To see or hear how excited he gets watching you enjoying your body is another very big turn on for you. This is also a very good way to keep your mind away from the, “will I or won`t I” question. Think of anything but the ultimate O!

G-spot orgasms are pretty easy to reach. We can get there as easy as men have the ability to get hard. To get there just tell your man to do the, “walking”. Or take his hand and guide him down to where your body is wanting his touch. G-Spot orgasms feel nice and they are basically our juice fountain, that is when we get very wet. This is when your body prepares for penetration.

It is the clitoral Orgasm that most women are after. Those ones will shake your ground. But again, these are mind connected. I will say I am speaking for the norm of women. Every women is different to a degree, but we are basically after the same thing. We all want to feel that intense vibration and the total body rush that runs through our body. It is an adrenaline rush like no other. To know we have that kind of control in our minds and bodies also boosts our self-esteem! That my Ladies is a very good thing!

Some women are sensitive enough that they will react instantly to a touch. That is not always that good. Her orgasm at that point will be quick and over before she even gets to really appreciate it. The longer it takes to reach that ,”O” Zone, the more intense the orgasm. That is another reason you want to learn to control your body. Eventually you will be able to tell your mind when and where!

A very, very good way to learn about your body is to bring yourself to orgasm. I tell women that all the time. You need to know and be able to connect with your own mind before you can allow someone to do it for you. Once you can learn to control your minds ability to fantasize or totally zone out, your body will follow naturally. Ladies again, it is so important to learn this because it keeps your mind off whether or not the O is going to happen. Once you have learned about your body, you will be able to bring that O on yourself just with your mind.

A little hand stimulation is also your minds best friend here. You will know how much stimulation you will need at the time. You will eventually know your entire body`s secret passages to feeling. Yes! Very yummy. So my words here, are to get to know your secrets.. and HAVE FUN!

Remember Ladies, men are not born with your road map to orgasm. First you need to draw it for him. Then show it to him. From there it is totally the big,” O” every time. This is my recipe to the one thing that women can do over and over again, without a rest period. Ha!! Sorry guys, we were born that way.


Laughter and Orgasms are Great Bedfellows

John Callahan


When modern woman discovered the orgasm, it was combined with modern birth control, perhaps the biggest single nail in the coffin of male dominance.

Tips on Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Orgasms!

If you are wondering what I am going to share with you, then you are definitely in need of this article, especially after reading my teaser up there. I have shared many of my thoughts with you during the past few months. Mostly about females why`s and woe`s. I have had many men request that I give them more information on exactly what women like in the sex, and feelings department.

OK, well I will do what I do best, just simply share what my thoughts on these subjects are. Take them or leave them!

There are so many sites out there that are about dating, relationships, how to score, how to win, and yet men are still looking for answers. Why is that? Maybe it`s because not every answer fits every women! That may be your first hint guys. We are all different, what works on one women will make another women slap your face with disgust. So I would think that a good thing to do is to just chat a bit with the lady and get to know the side of her that she is willing to show you. Hopefully you are smart enough to listen to her, and learn as she talks. Oh, and please save the checking out her boobs or her butt until after you have won the first battle.

I truly believe men are so quickly blinded by our physical protrusions (wink) that they immediately lose their focus at first base. Guys, the body parts are not going anywhere. Have some class and be patient. OK, enough about that very somber subject. I will leave that for another show, as they say.

Women’s feelings, as most men have already experienced are nothing to joke about. Women are sensitive creatures and at the same time very strong. Those two characteristics are nothing short of explosive. The beneficial side to these hard to deal with emotions is that women are just as equally passionate and loving towards the male gender. It is our passion that fuels our desires to be wanted by men. We send off certain signals that entice and attract men. Women know exactly how to win a mans heart. Remember, we are the more sensitive feeling being, of the two genders. We also deal with hormones that turn us into monsters one minute and little tiny babies in another. Our feelings are usually on the top of our skin. That’s why we get hurt so much easier than men. We are child bearers, and that instinctively causes us to be more cautious and rely on our intuitions more than facts. So guys , please forgive us for being the more feeling human. Do not hate us for it, or get frustrated with us, but love us and know that for all the pain we share, we also share twice as much pleasure. That brings me to my next thought!

Sex, that is definitely a good thought not to mention a very fun act between men and women. Women love to be touched, and felt. She wants to feel your hands on her body. It is a very important physical connection that sends messages to her most intimate senses. When a man touches a woman’s body, she feels wanted, she feels lusted, she feels craved, but most of all she feels SEXY! Her self-esteem will ROAR! That my dear sweet men, is exactly the point you want her at. You want her to feel SEXY!

Women do vary with having their breasts played with. This should be done gently at first, so to not turn her off. Some women love a very passionate kiss. A passionate kiss can be an instant orgasm. Women love to feel the sensation of your breathe on thier skin. That will surely send her to a new level of sensations. Women have very sensitive backs. A women’s spine will tingle with the slightest touch of your finger tips. Kiss her shoulders, please. Kiss her belly! Kiss her thighs, that is another very sweet spot for women! Kiss her between her legs! She will be warm already, anticipating the sensation of your tongue! It is a very sweet way to taste the women that you desire!

She will feel that much more open to you, knowing that you want every part of her body! Women`s bodies have so many sensations that it does take them a bit more time to get them to have an orgasm. The more sensations that you can get a women to feel, the higher she will go into her orgasm zones. Spend time tasting her, never rush her. Also please no not wear out just one spot. Women know there good spots, ask her to tell you what feels good. Be patient though, women do have a harder time talking about sex. Listen to her moans, read her body language, feel her wetness. All these are signs being sent to you. That’s a plus for you also. The more orgasmic a women feels, the more adventurous she will be when it is you she wants to devour.

Remember, to tell her how SEXY she is and how sweet she tastes! Let her know how good she feels to you. Let her know that she is driving you crazy. Women also love to know that for sure. When men are quiet during sex, women feel that they are not exciting or sexy. Women need to hear that men want them and want to please them. When women feel they are wanted, that in turn makes them want to please their man. HMMM! Where do you think my thoughts are going now??

MHM!! Women also love to please their men. They know that men crave fellatio, better know to most as ,”Blow-jobs”. (SMilz) Yes guys we know, we know. Women read more that you can imagine how just how to give their guy the best BJ. There are just as many books out there and sites on the internet about that as there are about how to please a woman. My hint to all the women wondering out there is…PRACTICE!!!! Body language from your man is a must to watch for. Not all men are the same. Some men are more sensitive in some areas that others. Just as women are also on different levels of sensations when it comes to oral sex. Another good tip ladies is your thoughts at the time of the Bj. Think sex. Think wet.Think suction. Think warm. Think HIM!! Love him!! But most of all suck him like you want it. The more he feels that you are just absolutely crazy for it, the more intense it is for him. Do not be afraid of what you are doing. You cannot hurt him unless you bite. That’s a NO! NO!…. DO NOT BITE or SCRAPE! 🙂 Don`t be afraid to ask him how it feels, or if there is anything more you can do to please him.

Communication, as in anything, is important in sex. It is after all, something that we want to enjoy with one another. Also we learn more about each other through sharing our physical desires. Ladies another very huge turn on for your man is when he sees you feel SEXY! When a man sees his woman sexy, confident and open to him, it will totally send him over the edge of lust for you. So lets get SEXY!!

When all is said and done, Cuddles is a biggie. We need to cuddle. It reassures us that everything was perfect. It’s kind of like the icing on the cake. It bonds us on another level of communication. Some women and men have their best conversations when they cuddle. It is almost like a surrender of weapons.

Well these are my thoughts on this. I hope I have not offended anyone. I know this is a different subject than what you are use to reading. But I am human also, just like you. Also I wanted to show a little attitude of a different color for my readers.

Enjoy life and enjoy all of it benefits.

We only get but one shot at it.

Men and Women were made to enjoy each other.

So just do it!

Addie McCoy



Why Your Wife Prefers Her Girlfriends Over You…

Many men complain that their wife is never home because she’s always off running around with her girlfriends. This article reveals the secret to getting a woman to spend time with her man instead of her girlfriends…

Men come to me all the time complaining about their wife being gone all the time. They are angry because their wife is consistently “gone”, hanging out with her girlfriends. To make the problem even worse, they say, these girlfriends are “bad news”. They are “men-bashers” of the highest order.

Want to know what I tell them?

“The bad-news girlfriends are doing a better job of meeting your wife’s needs than you are – which is why she chooses to hang out with them instead of you.”

It’s not very pleasant. It doesn’t make them feel good. And, it contains the answer these men need to turn their situation around – so that their wife wants to hang out with them and have sex with them – instead of hanging out with the bad-news girlfriends…

The answer is…

“Do a better job at meeting your wife’s needs than anyone else she knows.”

The man who embraces this philosophy will soon find that his wife spends far, far more time with him than she does anyone else.

Want an easy way to find out how to meet your wife’s needs better than anyone else?

Ask her this one question: “Look deep inside of yourself and imagine for a moment that I met and satisfied your every need and desire better than anyone else you know. What would I be doing?”

Whatever it is that she tells you, treat with the UTMOST RESPECT because she will be baring her soul to you. How you treat her response will either take your marriage and sex-life to never-before-seen heights or it will be the straw-that-broke-the-camels-back.

Try it and see for yourself.

Am I Gay?

Am I Gay? I guess this is a question a lot of young men will have asked themselves during their confusing adolescent years, it’s certainly one that every gay man will at some time have had to tackle, and come to terms with on discovering the true answer. Of course, there are the lucky ones – the majority – those people for whom their sexuality has never been in any doubt. They are the very people who, by their heterosexual appetite and acknowledged prowess with the opposite sex, may have initiated that desperate question in other minds. But to not be one of that majority, to not have the same appetite for the opposite sex, does not immediately make anyone gay.

Times are changing slowly, perhaps too slowly, for most children still grow up in an overwhelmingly heterosexual world – a world that will by its very existence from an early age have instilled expectations and preconceived ideas in every boy’s mind – so should the time come that he reaches puberty, and his juvenile years, and he finds that those expectations are not being met as they are by his friends, he becomes concerned. He begins to suspect that he is different to the mates that he grew up with – and it troubles him. But trouble is too weak a word. At this stage of human development to suddenly not be ranked along with one’s peers can be devastating. The questioning and gnawing fears in a boy’s mind may remain closely guarded secrets – because they have to be.

Faced with this feeling of being different, young men may react in many different ways. Only a few will cope with the situation easily. Some may become reclusive, some may turn to bullying others, some to drink and drugs, and some may undoubtedly turn towards criminal behaviour to gain their much needed kudos – however, most will try to maintain an act: an appearance of being perfectly “normal”. This act, and the feeling of a need to prove themselves to their family and friends, will often only exasperate the problem. And when thoughts for the same sex enter their minds, thoughts that they may believe to be bad or wrong, a great feeling of guilt can engulf them. It can be a very desperate time in a young man’s life. It is a time when some may even come to consider suicide – and that, purely the result of the failings, the teachings and the expectations of a mainly ignorant heterosexual world, should never be!

Puberty, and the working of the sexual equipment, arrives at different times for different people. There is nothing wrong or untoward about being a late developer – many races are won by those who had a poor start. And even once everything is found to be in working order, it is quite normal for the feelings and the desires that arrive around this time to be “strange”, to say the least! The sudden explosion of hormones the body has to try to make some sense out of can for some bring forth quite peculiar urges, fascinations, and attractions. At this time it is not uncommon for those who will later be “normal” heterosexual men to have “a crush” on someone of the same sex. It may be a schoolmaster, it may be a friend – it could be anyone, there are no rules, and it may not just be the one person – it may be many. There is nothing wrong, and this is not the time to fear one’s sexual orientation, more a time to consider its possibilities.

For most who have arrived at this stage, they will have had no preparation for the alternative sexual orientations that life can deal out. Such is the failing of society, for around one in ten males will turn out to be gay, and around one in five males will at some time in their lives have gay sex. Each one of these people will be some proud parent’s son. They could be anyone’s son. These are facts that may be hard to accept by some people, but to life itself they are the “normal”.

Sexual orientation is not hereditary, neither can it be instilled by corruption, persuasion, lifestyle or by any other means – and no matter what anyone may tell you, or claim, it most definitely cannot be changed. It is what you are. Were it to be any different, then in a vastly heterosexual society, and with few gay people actually reproducing, by long before now there would have been no gay people left in the world. But it is a known fact that the percentage of homosexual people in the world has varied little throughout all history, and although we may yet not understand the reason for it, nature has seen fit to maintain this status quo.

We now come to the crunch question: how do I know if I am gay? I suppose the simple answer is – you just know. But you do need to wait until all those hormones have settled down a bit before asking the question. Once that has happened the sexual desires and urges will be noticeably better fed and nourished by the thoughts and fantasies of either one or the other of the two sexes. Crudely put: whatever makes you “cum” the easiest and the best will give you the answer. For just a few people this may be equal, or it may alternate continuously throughout their lives, and they are what we term as being: bisexual.

Gay, straight or bisexual, it matters not – you are you, and you are unique. Whatever sexuality you may be, no two people are ever exactly the same – not even identical twins. Be proud of who and what you are, and if you find that you are gay or bisexual then remember that that is quite normal in the great scheme of things, it is only some areas of society that still have a problem with this – and the problem is theirs, not yours.

One of the biggest mysteries in the world today is why some people have a problem with another person’s sexuality when you consider all the great names there have been throughout history that have been known not to be heterosexual. Great emperors, kings, war-lords, painters, writers, poets, musicians, composers, pop singers, fashion gurus, astrologers, philosophers, architects, engineers and many, many others all enjoying pride of place in history have been either gay or bisexual – the list is almost endless, and it even includes a pope or two! Their sexual orientation never hampered these people – it need not hamper you.

Judy Garland is reputed to have said: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” There could be no better advice. Another quote I love came from the late, great, and still sadly missed Dusty Springfield: “My sexuality has never been a problem to me but I think it has been for other people.”

There is nothing at all wrong with being gay, however it does come with some burdens that heterosexuals never have to face. There is the gay scene – known by all to be notoriously promiscuous – and although it is representative of less than a quarter of all gay people it is what a gay person will always be seen as being a part of by many uninformed heterosexual people. Then there is the whole “coming out” saga. Should you come out to family and friends, at work, to all and sundry, or not do it at all? Facing up to this issue can be traumatic for some people – and whatever you finally decide on as being best for you, even staying “in the closet”, it will not be without some implications. These issues I will cover in separate articles – look out for them!

– Michael.