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The Sexual Body Feelings and Erogenous Zones of Men

Men have many erogenous zones in their body, apart from the penis, that can be stimulated for an enhanced sexual experience. This is a survey of the most important of these, and of how to stimulate them. This article is about the,sexual,body,feelings,and,erogenous,zones,of,boys,and,men,how,to,stimulate,sexually,your,man,boyfriend,yourself There is a widespread misunderstanding by many women, and surprisingly also by many men that boys and men only have sexual feelings in their penis, or even only in their penis head. The reason why many men also carry this misconception is probably that boys […]

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The Power of Natural Alternative Medicine – Part 1

We have many different options for healthcare today, but the focus will be on biologically based treatments and prevention. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) defines the scope of biologically based practices to include, but is not limited to, botanicals, animal-derived extracts… This article is about Natural Alternative Medicine The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”…Thomas Edison, 1902. We have […]

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The Many Uses of Natural Herbal Remedies and Oils

We have all heard the talk about natural herbal remedies, herbal medicines, and essential oils. Hopefully this article can give you some insight into the use of herbal remedies and there medicinal values. This article is about natural herbal remedies,herbs,herbal medicine,essential oils Now a days, there is a variety of essential oils, roots, and herbs available to support healthy living. These natural products can be used for treating ailments, flavoring your food, skin care, create perfumes, and manufacture environmentally safe cleaning products. If you do not have […]

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The Importance of Female Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is located just by the vaginal entrance and behind the labia minora. In most women, it is a small nub of flesh which contains a high concentration of nerve endings which make it highly sensitive. It is often covered by a clitoral hood. Many people don’t realize that only a small portion of the clitoris is actually visible. The remainder of the organ is surrounded by the rest of the reproductive system and extends all the way to the bottom of the pubic bone. This […]

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