Lies kill hearts

One who speaks a lie hurts. Only truth gives life and peace. A lie always hurts. Even the smallest lie hurts. It hurts one to whom the lie has been spoken, and surely the person who speaks the lie. In today’s world lies are taken as way of life. Those who speak lies, bury morality so deep down somewhere, that no one can find it. These people with black hearts speak lies and sometimes they lie to the extent that it kills one who believes them.

Speaking a lie is betraying trust. To speak a falsehood to one who believes that truth is being spoken, is sinful. Society may not punish liars, but there is the law of karma, that punishes the liar. But what of the pain that a liar gives to one who trusted her/him?

Lies come in many types. Let us first try to find out about what kinds of liars are there on this earth. The first type is a small liar. A poor person, who speaks lies to survive in this brutal world. On the other end, we have liars who rule the nations. For their own power, they invent all kinds of lies and mislead people to believe the untruth.

The worst liars are those who lie to someone who has total trust in her/him. A child always takes the word of mother or father as the truth. The child has total trust in the words and takes them as the gospel truth. But as the child grows up, he/she realizes that his/her parent speak lies whenever they find it convenient. The child gets trained at this stage of life. Though the child learns about speaking truth in the text books, what he/she finds in the reality of role models, is different. And that reality is followed. This habit of speaking lies perpetuates in this fashion.

One more type of liar is the lover. Love depends on trust and nothing but total trust. When a lover speaks lies, that not only breaks the trust, but it also kills the hearts. It kills the man/woman to whom the lie is spoken. These lovers are smooth liars. They think that by speaking lies they will save the love, but they manage to destroy not only the love, but also their beloved. They poison the life of their beloved with lies and are nothing short of murderers and killers.

As I said before, society may not punish such liars, because society is not concerned with the depth of such relationships. But what of Karma, as the Indian philosophy calls it? That leaves no one. Only the law of karma gives the punishment to the liar. The liar gets punished by the law of karma. Who will save the person who trusted the liar? Only the mercy of God can save such a battered person.

Let Romance Motivate us

All of us need motivation. We eat because we feel hungry. We drink water because we are thirsty. We do everything in life for a reason.

For living, we only need air, water, food and shelter. But we are much more evolved than animals. So we want to achieve something in life that satisfies us. That makes us feel a success.

All of us have our own goals. Some of us have goals that look highly impossible. But history tells us that this has been done. Unknown people born in unknown families have amassed wealth beyond imagination. Great painters were born in small places but today the whole world knows about them. How? Becaue they wanted to achieve something. Take any field and you will find some achievers who themselves cannot believe about their own success!

It is said that behind every successful person, there is one of the opposite sex. This is true, because romance is a great motivator. In romance, one begins looking at the world with different eyes. In romance, one wants to look good in the eyes of the beloved. In romance one wants to do everything that pleases one’s beloved. Love conquers all the obstacles on the way and impossible begins looking possible. The romance of a flower makes a Butterfly run hither thither.

Bring romance in your life. You will find yourself a changed person. You will reach heights from where everything will look small. Let romance motivate you to do what you had only dreamt of.

Just love me!

Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake!

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Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake!

Have you ever felt like that? When I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be loved like that would just rule forever. Is that not what we are all yearning for? Do we not seek out LOVE from the second we breathe as an infant? We search our parents eyes for that look of LOVE. We smile because we know it makes them smile with the LOVE that they feel for us.

To LOVE or not to LOVE? This is the question we all ponder through out life.

Why do we yearn to be someones everything? We want nothing more than to feel like the LOVE of one`s life. We spend our lives looking for that special person that will make our world seem like a dream. We want to feel safe and secure in our choice of partners. But how do we really know that this one is “the one” we will LOVE unconditionally forever? How do we know that this choice of LOVE will not break our heart? How do we know that this LOVE will LOVE us when the chips are down and we are not that perfect person that they fell in LOVE with?

Well I hate to sound like a wet blanket here on a cold night, but nothing is guaranteed. Life promises us nothing. We make our lives what they are, right at this moment. In matters of the heart we gamble, and as I have said before, to give LOVE is to risk losing LOVE. That is just another one of those bleary facts. Like rain storms and snowfalls, we have no control over anything that nature has given to us. We can only do our best with what we have. I have spoken before about gifts. Well, LOVE is a gift when it is given and when it is received. It does not happen because we say we want it to, or when we like a person and say “LOVE me”. HA. I am sure that almost everyone out there will agree to that. I am also certain that the word “Stalker” comes from that notion.

LOVE can be a very scary risk. “Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it! It makes you so vulnerable. It opens you up, totally exposing your heart only to let someone get inside you and twist things up so tight, you can barely breathe. You build up defenses, you build an entire suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then that person, not seeming any different from any other person, wanders into your lonely life. You give them your heart. They didn’t ask for it. They did something one day, like kiss you or smile your way, and then your life isn’t your own any more. LOVE takes your heart hostage. LOVE swarms inside you. LOVE devours your entire being and leaves you crying in the darkness. With the simple phrase, “lets just be friends”, it turns into a knife, cutting its way into your heart. The pain is like no other you have ever felt nor ever want to feel again. Not just in your imagination, not just in the mind. It’s like losing a part of who you are, or rather who you were. That my friends is one reason we are so careful to not make the wrong LOVE choice. I know reading this totally makes one never want to do that. But we do, over and over again. Why?

Is it such a deep needed desire that we really have no control? Is cupids arrow that strong? YES on both counts.

LOVE is one of the most powerful sensations we will ever endure in our lives.

LOVE knows no limit to its power, no end to its trust, no loss of its hope.

LOVE can overpower anything.

LOVE stays up, when all else has falls down.

LOVE is felt when one grasps another’s hand.

LOVE is as much of an object as an obsession. Everybody wants it and everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it. Those who do, will cherish it, get lost in it, and among all, will never, ever forget it.

LOVE does not waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead it creates a perfect love.

LOVE is somewhat like an hourglass, the heart fills up on one side as the brain empties the other.

LOVE is admiring ones heart: as admiration is the love of ones mind.

LOVE is with you when you least deserve it, because that’s when you really need it.

These are a few thoughts that I have that tell me what LOVE is and why LOVE is.

When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us.We must understand that until we admit that while our partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we alone are the only ones that can bring that same fulfillment to ourselves. No one is responsible for our happiness.

Some people fall into a pattern of needing that NEWNESS LOVE in their relationships. These people will go from one relationship to another forever, never getting off that roller coaster of failure. They never understand that LOVE has stages. LOVE at first is so full of mystery and excitement. Then we move into becoming comfortable with one another and blending our ways to continue to strengthen our LOVE for one another. We continue to grow with each other, adding newness to each other by growing in one world, but as two people. Our years together build our road to our destiny of spending our lives and enduring tribulations as one. If you want life to always be a bed of roses, then you best grow a few gardens, because the roses will only get there if you grow them or bring them to your life. In other words sweet people of LOVE, your LOVE and passion is only what you make it. If you ignore it or get too busy to feed it, it will die or fade away. It’s like any other living breathing thing. LOVE needs to be treated with respect and treated like the special gift that it is.

Another thing we must be careful of is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image, otherwise LOVE is only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. LOVE like you mean it, it is the only true way to let your LOVE for one another grow stronger and continue to be all powerful and wonderful.


Relationships ask us to contemplate “forever” as a way of life.

It is a world without end of our own creation.

Toni Sciarra Poynter


The purpose of life is to discover your gift.

The work of life is to develop it.

The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

The gift, is LOVE!


Improve Your Relationship – 10 Ways to Fall in Love Again with your Partner

How do we rekindle those amazing feelings of love that we felt at the beginning of our relationship? Discover ten powerful and practical ways that you can bring back those feelings and improve your relationship.

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Our romantic relationships have the potential to bring us great happiness but can also be the source of great pain and suffering. At the start of a relationship we fall ‘head over heals’ in love and it seems that our dream has come true. Unfortunately these joyous feelings can fade and then we struggle to feel love for our partner. So how can we re-discover those wonderful feelings that we experienced at the start of the relationships?

Here are ten things you can do that will improve your relationship and will allow you to fall in love with your partner all over again!

1. Relationship difficulties may be painful but they represent the best chance you and your partner have to heal your insecurities and build a better relationship. Within each problem is an issue that both of you have, that is driving you apart – try to see problems as opportunities for improving the relationship. The trick is to find out what the emotional issue is at the heart of the problem.

2. Whenever you feel emotional pain in a relationship, resist the temptation to move away from your partner. This is the very time you need each other. Take courage and move towards your partner both physically and emotionally.

3. Communication about feelings and fears is what heals relationships. Always make this your objective. Try to find out what your partner is feeling. Expressing your own feelings with honesty and sensitivity will encourage your partner to do the same. Remember even bad behaviour is a form of communication!

4. Nobody can make you feeling anything that you are not already feeling subconsciously. It is hidden and unhealed emotional pain that is triggered by your partner’s behaviour. Be willing to gain emotional awareness, take responsibility and heal these insecurities. As Ghandi said – ‘be the change you want to see in the world” – the same applies in our relationships.

5. Appreciate your partner for all their strengths, gifts and beauty – tell them and show them how much you love them. This is what you did when you fell in love with them, and it will work throughout your relationship. There is no reason that the ‘Honeymoon’ stage of a relationship cannot last forever.

6. If you feel let down by your partner or feel that they are not giving you something important in the relationship, give them exactly the thing you are lacking. Almost magically they will then give you the same thing back!

7. Sex can be a beautiful celebration of love in a relationship – this is why we call it making love! Allow sex to move from a purely physical experience to one that is full of shared emotion – pour love into your partner as you have sex and make strong eye contact. If you have a spiritual belief, you can take sex to the highest Tantric level of physical, emotional and spiritual connection, where it feel like you become one with your partner.

8. If you have had a row, apologise for any of your own bad behaviour and recognise that your partner will also be feeling bad. Move towards them, forgive and re-connect as soon as you can. Start the meaningful communication about what lies at the heart of the argument.

9. If you are having really big problems in your relationship and you believe in a higher or spiritual power, then ask for help and guidance. In this way you will find the inspiration to work through the most tragic or painful situations. If you do not have a spiritual or religious belief, ask for help from your higher or intuitive mind.

10. Relationships fail because we allow a distance to appear between us and our partner. What we give in a relationship is what we receive. How much are you unconditionally giving to your partner? Give to your partner without any expectation of receiving and you will soon find that the joy and love returns to the relationship.