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What Causes Muscle Growth?

This article looks at the processes involved in building lean muscle. This article is about muscle growth, build muscle, bodybuilding In order for muscles to grow, three things are required: 1. Stimulus – exercise is needed to make the muscles work, use energy and cause microscopic damage to the fibers. 2. Nutrition – after intense exercise the muscles need to replenish their stores of fuel. 3. Rest – it is during the rest or recovery phase that the muscles repair the microscopic damage and grow. Muscle size […]

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How To Get Your Man To Pamper You?

Being a man that pampers and caters to his woman. I have often heard conversations between women on this topic. Some good, but the majority being bad. Since I feel that most women are deceived on how to get their man to pamper them I decided to write this suggestive article. This article is about Pampering, Catering, Online Dating, Personals, Love To your surprise there will probably be more things that you may want to avoid doing to win the favor of your man to get a […]

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Depression And Relationships

Depression can be a very lonely illness and your relationships are a key part of how you cope with your depression. You need friends for support. Not just good weather friends but friends who can support you when you’re down. If one of these friends is also depressed it is not necessarily a bad thing. You can understand each other and perhaps be there on each other’s bad days (but not if you’re having a bad time at the same time). However, you need to be conscious […]

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Dating, Marriage, Love, and Relationship Advice: The Dance of Commitment and Your Secret Passion Signature!

If you are single, dating, or trying to get to “I DO” and spend too much time hurting and not enough time loving this may be the most important love relationship advice you could ever receive. Did you know that some people just don’t let themselves have love? Some are eaten alive with the “fear of commitment.” Some can’t let themselves take the risk or feel vulnerable so they string you along in a dating relationship. Some people don’t love themselves enough to value you if you […]

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