Loneliness – Why It Has Become An Epidemic

Loneliness has become an epidemic. There are more lonely people today than ever before. If you feel lonely, find out why loneliness has become so common, and find out how to change it. Learn what you need to do to have the friends and social life you want.

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Do you often feel lonely? If you do, you may spend a lot of time wondering what’s wrong with you.

It may seem as if everyone else but you has lots of friends. It may seem like everyone else is always getting invited to go to exciting parties. And it may seem like you’re the only one who is left at home, waiting for the phone to ring, wondering why no one ever calls you to invite you out.

Actually, loneliness is much more common than you might think. There is actually an epidemic of loneliness in many societies today.

This may surprise you.

After all, so many millions of us in the modern world are jammed close together in large teeming cities, and we have at hand all the technological conveniences that are supposed to bring people closer together, such as e-mail, telephones, faxes, and the Internet. Why are so many of us more lonely than ever?

The reason is that society has changed very rapidly in the past two or three hundred years. Many of the social factors that used to make it easy to make and keep friends for a lifetime have disappeared.

Families have changed a lot in recent decades. A hundred years ago, most families were very large, with many children, aunts and uncles and cousins living close by. Family members often worked together on the farm or in a family business all day long.

Today, families have shrunk in size, and family members are now so busy with their own separate projects, they rarely see each other. Families break up more often than they used to, and it is now much more common for family members to move thousands of miles away, to new jobs, new wives, or new husbands.

People used to live in the same small community for their entire lives. They stayed in the same job for decades.

These factors made it easy to make friends and keep friends.

Today, many people change jobs every few years, and they move to new cities, and leave behind family members and friends.

And many people today are very, very busy. In many ways, modern technology has not freed us from having to work harder. It has actually had the opposite effect of making us work harder and faster just to stay in the same place.

Another factor that contributes to increased loneliness is modern entertainment and communication technology.

Before the advent of television and the Internet, people had ways of having fun together every day. Many of these primitive methods of having fun have almost disappeared in the modern world.

In the old days, people used to actually talk to each other! They would play games together. They would make music.

Now this sort of primitive entertainment only occurs during a power outage. Most people now feel lost without a TV set and computer. Even in the same family, people barely know each other.

The increase in these modern forms of communication have actually decreased other forms of human interaction.

As people spend more time on the Internet, or with their text messaging, or playing games on computers, they are spending far less time actually interacting with the people around them. It has become a lot easier for people to cocoon themselves in their homes, and never see anyone.

Many people are actually spending less time developing their social skills while they may be vastly improving their computer skills.

In the modern world it seems almost everyone is pressed for time. We are often far too busy at work to develop friendships, and when we come home exhausted at the end of the day, we are too tired to make plans to socialize.

Some of us live in neighborhoods where it isn’t really safe to go out after dark. It becomes all too easy to eat a quick supper and spend our evening hours mentally decompressing in front of the television set or computer.

Loneliness is a bigger problem for more people today than at any previous time in history. The truly ironic fact about loneliness is that if you are lonely, you are not alone!

Still, even if you have been lonely in the past, and even if you feel lonely today, it is possible to make new friends in this modern world.

If you have been suffering from loneliness, it’s time to stop blaming yourself, and it’s time to stop blaming the rest of the world. It’s time to do something to solve the problem of loneliness.

You can make new friends and have the social life you dream of. To have more friends you will have to learn new techniques of socializing and making conversation. You will have to make the effort to meet many more new people.

If you learn the secrets of those people who make friends easily, and implement these techniques into your life, you too can have a happy social life.

Your loneliness will be a thing of the past!

Logistics of Wedding Invite Wording

Get in on the facts you need to know when wording your wedding invite.
Most people fail to understand that their wedding invite content needs to embody the caliber of the wedding they will be hosting. There currently exists no type of invite that is universally fit for all sorts of weddings. This leaves you and your future spouse with the chore of deciding what type of wording to use. As if wording isn’t a big enough issue on its own, you also have to decide what names go on the invite and in what order. There are many things to consider in this dilemma, including what side of the family is responsible for the heftiest financial contributions.

Many people somehow fall under the impression that wedding invite wording always has to be formal. It really doesn’t. You can keep the invite very simplistic and include you and your spouse’s name and a request to the particular recipient to make him or herself present and your wedding.

Naming parents in your invite can be quite a complicated process. It’s common for a typical invite to first mention the bride’s parents, followed by the actual invite, than the name of the groom and his family. While this is not very complex in itself, problems can get quite apparent when divorced or step-parents come into the picture. You want to limit the number of people you name in the invite as you may end up confusing guests. You also want to remember to take your parent’s feelings into consideration. Omitting people without first consulting them can result in problems. Thus, be very careful before you strike someone from the wedding invite.

When it comes down to it, you and your soon to be spouse have a lot of control over how your wedding invite is both worded and organized. You need to maintain a certain degree of flow in the invite, but aside from that you are essentially given a lot of flexibility.

Learn The Meaning Of Rose Colors

Giving a bouquet of beautiful roses makes a clear statement: the receiver of the flowers is dear to the giver in some meaningful way. Different than giving just a bouquet of flowers, roses imply ‘Hey, I really mean this!” The giver has made the effort to bestow what some see as the most beautiful and most splendid of flowers, one that for thousands of years has been the symbol of romance and a soother of the heart.

Roses have been bred in a variety of colors, each with its…

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Giving a bouquet of beautiful roses makes a clear statement: the receiver of the flowers is dear to the giver in some meaningful way. Different than giving just a bouquet of flowers, roses imply ‘Hey, I really mean this!” The giver has made the effort to bestow what some see as the most beautiful and most splendid of flowers, one that for thousands of years has been the symbol of romance and a soother of the heart.

Roses have been bred in a variety of colors, each with its particular meaning. Now, there are no hard and fast rules – few recipients will fault one for sending a beautiful bouquet of the ‘wrong’ color! But knowing the meaning a certain hue can imply, and giving the appropriate roses, will make the gift all the more wonderful. Discovering the best way to express your love, affection, friendship, thankfulness, joy, or any other of a great multitude of gestures will make the receiver and the giver more fulfilled with act of giving. Let that someone special in your life know exactly how you feel about them, be they wife or husband, friend or lover, mom or dad, grandma or grandpa or your favorite hero of the day – there are no limitations when sending roses. So let’s have a look at the wonderful array of colors and their meanings…

Lover’s Red
Red roses show love, passion and respect. True red roses say “I love you” more than any other flower, deep red roses imply unconscious beauty, and that true love may be stronger than thorns. It happens that the perfect red rose is more difficult to grow than any other color – a reflection, perhaps, of the perfect love. Other particular colors of red have particular meanings as well: Amaranth red, long standing desire. Cardinal red, sublime desire. Carmine, deceitful desire. Fiery red, flames of passion.

Sweet Pink
Pink roses communicate happiness, appreciation, admiration, and friendship with grace and elegance. There is a sweetness about the gesture, like the way good friends appreciate one another, or that special feeling of a grandmother’s care. Light pink is the more about the sharing of joy, whereas dark pink is more thankful.

Soft Lavender
Lavender roses, those with a soft purple hue, symbolize love at first sight and enchantment – perhaps with a need for discretion.

Pure White
White roses signify purity in many forms. Loyalty, purity, platonic love and spiritual love – a love of the soul. Bridal white means happy love. White roses can also signify secrecy reverence humility, innocence, or charm. Note that white roses can symbolize death in Asian cultures.

Friendly Yellow
Yellow roses in Victorian times meant jealousy, though today yellow shows “I care”. The color is that of familiar love and domestic happiness – that of friendship, joy, gladness or freedom. The yellow rose is also sometimes given in sympathy.

Happy Coral and Orange
Coral roses, of a beautiful orange-pink color, imply a bright desire. Not quite as ‘lusty’ as the deep red, but more of like “We can (or do) spend happy times together”.

The Crone’s Black
Do black roses really exist? Well, there are very deep colors of red, and roses can be dyed. And their meaning depends on whom you ask: some say they are symbol of death, and can be given as an ominous symbol. Others say they represent the death of old habits or patterns, and symbolize rebirth…it seems one should know the receiver when giving this color!

Fantasy Blue
Similar black, no true blue roses are grown. They are a fantasy color, created through the dying of the flowers themselves, or the adding of a dye to the bark at the shrub’s roots. And like the surreal color they are, blue represents wonder and dreamy possibilities.

Mixing rose colors is always a wonderful option – mixing the hues allows one to express feelings in a very personal way. A few “standard” mixes are: White and red to signify unity, red and yellow roses together say “Congratulations!”, yellow and orange in combination imply passionate thoughts.

Other Messages From Roses: A single rose denotes “I still love you”, and a bouquet of roses in full bloom expresses the same sentiment in grand fasion, two roses of any color taped or wired together signify a commitment or forthcoming marriage, giving rose buds shows appreciation for youth and beauty.

With roses and flowers there are no limitations as to what can be expressed. The colors of the different types of roses all have their unique place the history of human expression. Knowing the specific meaning of a rose only enhances the experience of sending and receiving them as a glorious and appreciated gift.

Laser Hair Removal and Female Hirsutism

Female hirsutism is loosely described as increased and excessive hair growth. That growth takes place in areas of the body where there is usually very little, if any, normal hair growth. The hair generally grows in an adult, male, sexual, hair growth pattern. For example, a woman with hirsutism may grow a beard, mustache, chest, or back hair. Many women do have hair in these areas but it is usually pale in color, fine and almost invisible. In a case of a woman with hirsutism, the hair is thick, course and may be colored.

Before seeking laser hair removal treatment for hirsutism, it is essential to see your primary care physician first. The cause of the illness must be determined, as it may be the result of a different hormonal, or medical, problem, which has to be treated medically. Bodily hair growth is determined by genetics, hormones, and lifestyle. Often, but not always, hirsutism is caused by the androgenic hormone levels being extremely high.

Significant hair growth may be noticed on the chin, upper lip, or sideburn area of a woman with mild hirsutism. It could also grow on the lower abdomen and around the nipples and will be the same color as the hair that grows on the woman’s head. For women who suffer from more advanced cases of hirsutism, the excessive hair growth will also be on the upper abdomen, sternum, shoulders, and upper back. In many cases, hirsutism begins with puberty.

The amount of hair on a woman’s body differs from person to person. What may seem normal to one woman may seem excessive to another. For example, a woman from Sweden with light hair and skin may perceive a dark haired woman from Italy as having a lot of hair.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way for women with hirsutism to rid themselves of excessive unwanted hair. For facial hair it is a much better method of hair removal then waxing or shaving the skin. One treatment is usually all that is needed for facial hair removal and it is less painful, with much longer lasting results. However, more then one treatment may be needed for removal of excessive unwanted hair on other parts of the body.

In today’s world, physical appearance is extremely important to many people and how they relate to each another. It can be very stressful and embarrassing for a woman to have an excessive amount of hair growing where it should not grow. Laser hair removal is a safe alternative to other methods of hair removal and a successful treatment option for women suffering from hirsutism.