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Let Romance Motivate us

All of us need motivation. We eat because we feel hungry. We drink water because we are thirsty. We do everything in life for a reason. For living, we only need air, water, food and shelter. But we are much more evolved than animals. So we want to achieve something in life that satisfies us. That makes us feel a success. All of us have our own goals. Some of us have goals that look highly impossible. But history tells us that this has been done. Unknown […]

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Why Is It Important For Women To Initiate Romance?

Oftentimes we, as women, leave our needs unexpressed and wait for our husbands to just guess what to do. Many men honestly don’t know how to be romantic. And, when they do get up the courage to attempt romance, their efforts may not be expressed in a way that we appreciate or even recognize as romance. Look how silly this sounds. If your son was attempting algebra and didn’t understand it, you wouldn’t cry because he didn’t love you. As a mom, we’d sit down, and go […]

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How to Have an Affair with Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend

You had a perfect relationship and a perfect life since a few days ago. You don’t know what happened but for some time your relationship is passing throw a bad episode, because you and your girlfriend were not getting along anymore. In any relationship things change after some time, it is not all as beautiful as it was from the beginning. Appear a lot of problems, misunderstandings and also many argue. Even if you love your partner very much, if you are arguing every day, after a […]

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Wham, Bam, Thank You M’am – Sizzling Tips to One Night Stand

While personally speaking, one night stands have never appealed to me, I know of several men who would not mind indulging in a bit of casual sex without any hope or binding that it should culminate in a serious relationship. As a general rule, men do not have too many hang-ups about such indulgences. There are a lot of women too, who are not keen on getting into any commitment and can agree to this kind of casual sex with their dating partners. There are very heavy […]

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