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Why Is It Important For Women To Initiate Romance?

Oftentimes we, as women, leave our needs unexpressed and wait for our husbands to just guess what to do. Many men honestly don’t know how to be romantic. And, when they do get up the courage to attempt romance, their efforts may not be expressed in a way that we appreciate or even recognize as romance.

Look how silly this sounds. If your son was attempting algebra and didn’t understand it, you wouldn’t cry because he didn’t love you. As a mom, we’d sit down, and go over it again and again, for as long as it took until he understood. Yet, we expect our husbands to know something that they’ve never been taught. Instead of leaving your man to struggle, show him how to romance you. How will he know what to do if you don’t show him?

So, how can you teach him how to romance you?

1. Be romantic yourself.
If you show him that you value him and love him on a regular basis, instead of expecting him to be the romantic one, he’ll be more receptive to trying it himself. The old saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” definitely applies. Yelling and crying because he isn’t romantic isn’t exactly going to put him in the lovey mood.

2. Tell him what you like.
Do you enjoy expensive gifts or would you rather have him make something for you? Would you like him to go on walks with you? Give you cut flowers or live plants?

Make a list of every birthday, anniversary and holiday and include ideas for things he can buy or do for you. Set him up to succeed.

3. Learn what he likes.
The same thing stands for him. Know what makes him happy.

Please don’t buy him an expensive gift if he’s the frugal type. He won’t like it.
Don’t take him to a fancy French restaurant if he’s a Burger kind of guy. It’s ok to take him there for your birthday, but don’t take him there for his birthday.
If he loves sports, then go to them with him.

Please initiate romance. So often, women just get more and more resentful that they aren’t feeling romanced and their man has no clue what to do to fix it. There really should be a required romance course before you can get your marriage license. At least that way, men would, at some point in time, learn how to be romantic. Until then, it’s our job to show him just what we want and need to feel special. Now go Romance Your Man!

How to Have an Affair with Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend

You had a perfect relationship and a perfect life
since a few days ago. You don’t know what
happened but for some time your relationship is
passing throw a bad episode, because you and your
girlfriend were not getting along anymore.

In any relationship things change after some time,
it is not all as beautiful as it was from the
beginning. Appear a lot of problems,
misunderstandings and also many argue. Even if
you love your partner very much, if you are
arguing every day, after a while you are enough
of all this and you may find the consolation you
need in other part.

What happen if in some day you are very upset
because you and your girlfriend were arguing
again, so you decided to go in a club with your
friends at a beer to calm down a little? But
there she is: your girlfriend’s best friend, a
beautiful, sexy and available lady which sees you
and get in talk with you.

You are talking with her about your girlfriend
and how hard it is to understand with her in the
last days, that you are not getting along anymore,
that’s why she upsets you every day. You are
enough of all of this, and you need someone who
understands you, love you as the way you are. She
understands you and offers her help to get throw

She was flirting with you until the day you met
her, but now it was her chance to get you.
Because she is very beautiful you couldn’t resist
to her, and you spend that night with her,
because she offered you the understanding you
needed. You slept with her, but what’s next?

You still love your partner and don’t want to
lose her. But the problem is that you don’t know
how to act in front of your girlfriend to not
find out. It is true that you were drunk but this
is not a great excuse to forgive you if she finds
out. You just slept with her best friend, you
really think that she will forgive you? I don’t
think so. So you’ve better speak with her friend
and tell her that this was just an affair and it
is all over now and she must keep the secret.

But what happens if she still uses all her
seductive powers on you anytime she has the
opportunity and tells you that she loves you from
the day she saw you. She agrees with you that she
wouldn’t tell to your girlfriend about you two if
you still accept to meet with her too. Let’s say
that you accept this, because you are too weak to
end your relationship.

Here are some safety tips to follow if you want
that your girlfriend to not find out about this:
don’t permit to your new friend to call you on
your cell phone, you may buy a new number just
known by her, don’t tell at any friend of you
about your affair, use always condoms to not have
a bad surprise, and if your girlfriend has a
suspicion about this, deny.

But you shouldn’t play with fire. You love your
actual girlfriend but the other is much
attractive and sensual. You better think which
you like most and make a choice. If you choose to
keep your actual relationship, the best thing you
can do is to try to not spend much time in the
presence of the other, and definitely not stay
alone with her somewhere. It may get worse.

Also, you know your girlfriend’s best friend very
well and it is common to discover that you and
her have a lot in common as well, and the more
time you spend together, the more attractive she
becomes to you. If you discover that the feelings
between you and her are very serious, you have a
complicated situation in your hands.

The best thing you can do is to break up with
your girlfriend, but not to tell her the real
reason, say it that it doesn’t work anymore, it
will be tragic for her anyway so it is better to
not find out that you are having an affair with
her best friend. This means that you don’t have
to run in the other’s arms after that, it is
better that not make public your new relationship
for now.

Having an affair is not something plan, it just
happens. People decided to have an affair for
many reasons: disappointment in the relationship,
misunderstanding, also attraction, curiosity,
excitement, risk or challenge.

Wham, Bam, Thank You M’am – Sizzling Tips to One Night Stand

While personally speaking, one night stands have never appealed to me, I know of several men who would not mind indulging in a bit of casual sex without any hope or binding that it should culminate in a serious relationship. As a general rule, men do not have too many hang-ups about such indulgences. There are a lot of women too, who are not keen on getting into any commitment and can agree to this kind of casual sex with their dating partners. There are very heavy chances though, that during your dating life, you will get into a situation, what I term as reverse-payback. This means that while you get mentally attached to a woman who you indulged with, for a quickie, but before you know it, she has left you.

If your sole aim is to have these one night stands, go ahead, indulge, but prepare yourself with a stronger head and a steadier mind. While there are enough women not too keen on commitments, but have casual sex as a mode of having fun, they are essentially however, looking for the same standards from men , as other women : dignity, trust and that magical spark called attraction, except, may be in different amounts.

If you are seriously contemplating to indulge only in these casual sex encounters, you have to hype up your seduction powers: abundance of humor, charm and the ability to tease your way through, so that your plan bears fruit faster. From a public arena, move quickly to a more private, romantic and secluded place, where you can communicate with her one-to-one. While you move her away from the public glare, pump up your seducing prowess to the hilt. The two should be worked out simultaneously to make that magic happen.

In case you are in a quandary, as to which women to select for such a sexual escapade, the right target are those women who you have an instant chemistry with. Through the right communication, glances, touches, the instant chemistry “clicks” – and you have found the right person. Please don’t judge these women as “easy” or “cheap” – it is simply that they are “readily available” at that moment. One can’t deny that ever so often we meet such women, with whom just the eye contact, spells instant attraction and we have that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling from that moment. But beware, such women fall in to the far side of the range – from “super-easy” to super-rigid” – and all along you must have to practice the basic principles of self-discipline and controlled behavior.

How you manage a one night stand depends primarily on your personality and your requirements. There are many instances where a one night stand has culminated in a brief romantic interlude. Please note that it is indeed hard to graduate from a one night quickie and glide into a steady, trusted and stable relationship. The basis of almost all short to long term relationships is, a far more lengthier period of romancing rather than jumping into frenetic sex.

It is beneficial for you to remember one basic fact: honesty is the best policy, even in bed! While you are in the seduction process, be honest and truthful about your intentions, face up to whatever you are committing – do not glib talk your way through right into her bed or panties ! For the simple reason, lies ultimately don’t take you anywhere. Not only is deception dishonorable, you do get paid back in your own coin, sooner or later. I am not scaring you with concepts of bad “karma” but as an adult, you know that every action you take today, will pave the way for your tomorrow, and many tomorrows.

Young Love?

Dating, romance and courtship are traditionally considered the preserve of the young, but with growing numbers of ‘silver surfers’ (senior citizens using the Internet), it is becoming obvious that one doesn’t have to be a spring chicken to appreciate the joys of spring!

Here in the western world we are obsessed with youth. Our media is saturated with images of the young, beautiful and happy selling us products on the back of the promise that we will become like them if we should only buy this face cream or that car or this insurance policy. The fantastic and circular equation this fallacy is based on seems to be that youth=beauty=success=desirability=love=happiness=youth etc.

One only has to look at our icons of romance to see the indelible link between youth and romance. In fact, two of our most famous romantic icons, Juliet and Pocahontas (as lauded by Peggy Lee in the classic love song ‘Fever’) were so young at the time of embarking on their turbulent romances that they would not, today, be considered of legal age. In amongst all this, ne could easily be left with the impression that beyond the age of thirty, all hope for romance is lost.

Happily this is not so! Our senior citizens are getting involved in the dating game in their droves. Actually in all probability they have been doing it for years but the older generation, certainly in Britain, are renowned for their discretion almost to the point of coyness. Luckily for social analysts and writers like myself, a convergence of recent phenomena makes it possible to now gain a much fuller impression of just what our seniors are getting up to!

Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of ‘silver surfers’, that is to say people of retirement age or above who are web literate to a greater or lesser extent and are making regular use of the Internet. The same period has seen a rapid growth in the online dating industry. The result of these two phenomena is that we can see quite plainly, looking at the figures, that it’s definitely not just the young folks who are looking for love online.

A recent study carried out by my company revealed over 14,000 active dating site users over the age of 65 compared to an average age group membership of just over 25,000. With numbers like this it’s understandable that seniors are regarded as an important demographic by us in the online dating industry and hardly surprising that classes in Internet dating are springing up at places like the Pleasant Hill Senior Centre in Contra Costa, California.

With a population that is increasingly ageing as the baby boom generation reach their 60s and take a greater knowledge and awareness of current and developing technologies into their later years, it can only be expected that this phenomenon will increase. And so it should be! Why should the spring chickens get a monopoly on the joys of spring?