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Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief

We would like to provide you with some of the more common uses of magnetic therapy, focusing on the use of magnets as a supplementary treatment for pain. This article is about wholesale, magnetic, jewelry, health, therapy, Although mainstream science has yet to recognize magnet therapy as an effective branch of alternative medicine, an increasingly large number of people are beginning to use it as a supplementary treatment for a variety of health-related conditions. Personal testimonials as to the positive effects of magnet therapy are plenty, attesting […]

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Magnetic Mattress Pads – Therapy While You Sleep

Magnetic therapy couldn’t get any easier than this This article is about magnetic therapy, magnetic mattress pads Imagine being able to have physical therapy whenever you want, even when you’re asleep? This is possible and not just for those people who have large amounts of money. This is possible if you have a magnetic mattress pad. These pads are new innovations that will provide you with the magnetic therapy that will benefit you in so many ways. These mattress pads will lie on top of your mattress […]

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Magnetic Jewelry – New technology for pain relief

Magnetic jewelry has become a very popular form of healthcare. Its the one way to stay healthy and at the same time, look good. This article is about magnetic jewelry, magnetic therapy, magnets, pain relief The vast majority of people these days have a small ache or pain somewhere in their body which diminishes the quality of their life and of those there is a large portion of people who suffer debilitating pain on a daily basis that severely cuts down on their quality of life. There […]

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Magic Mushrooms – Almost Illegal In The Netherlands

This article is about magic mushrooms, also known as psychedelic or hallucinogenic mushrooms which although they bring many positive effects are being forbidden in more and more countries from all over the world. This article is about magic mushrooms, shrooms, cubensis, hallucinogenic mushrooms The Dutch Minister Of Health, after conducting some studies on magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms’ which concluded that these mushrooms aren’t at all hazardous to the public health, still decided that they should be declared illegal. A remarkable decision, because although many experts affirm that […]

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