Review of Vigorelle Female Libido Booster

The Vigorelle solution is based not on swallowing a pill daily, but a cream you apply directly under your clitoral hood to enhance arousal immediately. Women who have used this topical crème report that what they have liked most is the fact that it has no odor or taste and it works right away. Vigorelle has given them control over their own pleasure and the fact that it’s safer than any form of typical personal lubricant on the market also made them feel much better about using it regularly.

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The best part, they say, is that not only does the crème enhance their arousal and pleasure to thrilling levels while using it, but the effects also continue to last well into the night. This means they are experiencing the peaks of ecstasy on their own so the crème works as a low cost form of therapy that allows them to re-train their body to experience not just arousal but incredibly intense orgasms – multiple orgasms in most cases.

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